The Un-Secret ADHD Support Group

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I try to live by the adage that “where there are no secrets, evil has no power”. I find that the more you have out in the open, the more you aren’t wasting energy trying to hide stuff.

Since mentioning that I have adult ADHD, it’s been interesting to see how much other people are opening up about their own struggles. One person asked me yesterday at church when I was going to start a support group for those who have adult ADHD like himself (I had no idea he had it… but my honesty birthed his honesty). I told him “never”… because trying to get a group of people with ADHD together would be like trying to corral cats (and don’t even get me started on those who agree schedule to meet… but then forget about the meeting)!

But the question about having a “support group” got me thinking. I wonder how many people who struggle with ADHD struggle alone? If so many people have it, why are we all hiding?

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Even though I wasn’t officially diagnosed with ADHD until recently, I always knew that I had it (um… my wife has known for a long time too!) so I had already put strategies and structures in place to help me be more productive. But what about those who are lost wondering why they “aren’t reaching their potential” or “staying on task”? What about those who are the “daydreamers” when the reality is that the repetitive tasks that they are performing for their jobs are causing their minds to ‘check out’?

So, I am not saying that I am starting a support group (though I think if you are aware of it you should let me know so that I can include you in some of my thoughts / findings). But I am saying that I may talk more about this and see how it may benefit others. A conversation only continues as long as it is mutually beneficial. If all parties are not benefitting, it simply turns into a rant or a monologue… and I have no time for that.

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So leave me your thoughts and comment below. Leave me your struggles. Your strategies. Let’s get it out in the open. Perhaps the rest of us may find some solutions birthed from the struggles that you may have previously faced and overcome.

We have nothing to hide,





4 thoughts on “The Un-Secret ADHD Support Group

  1. For adults, I think it harder for them to talk about it as it is seen as an issue only affecting children. And even at that, often just attributed to bad behaviour and a lack of discipline from parents. For an adult, it isn’t seen as an option. You are supposed to have it all together.

    Another reason it may not get discussed much when it comes to adults is that we often don’t realize that ADHD is the issue. Like you, I wasn’t diagnosed till later in life, but can upon reflecting on my childhood and teen years can see all the places that it touched. I only came to realize it when my daughter was diagnosed and I could see myself in her list of symptoms.

  2. Great post. Having just been diagnosed in the past few months, I’m still relatively new to this. I get so frustrated sometimes when I can’t stay focused on a given task. I agree with Mark’s comment, it’s harder for us to talk about it as adults because technically we’re supposed to “have it all together.”

    1. Thanks Leigh. You’re right. We grow up with people telling us that we are not behaving properly… only to find out later that there were actual barriers hindering us from doing it. It’s like being told that you’re not running fast enough but they forget to mention that your shoelaces are tied together.

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